2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Workshop Description and Biography

Working with the ESRI User Community Resource Centers

Eric Rodenberg - ESRI

Eric is a Sales Engineer based out of Columbus, Ohio and he has been with ESRI for 7 years. Eric began his career with ESRI as an instructor teaching courses on ArcGIS Desktop and the Geodatabase. Since that time as an instructor, Eric spends his time presenting the ESRI product lines at conferences, seminars and other events. In addition, Eric spends time testing the software for the development teams, building demonstrations and working with customers to help develop workflows and solutions to their GIS business processes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 8:30 AM

Early in 2009 ESRI unveiled the Resource Center for Water Utilities Management, the first of many resource centers designed around the needs of specific GIS user communities. This Ĺ day workshop will provide an overview of the user community resource centers for Water Utilities, Public Safety and Land Records, followed by demonstration of how you can implement the application templates for Land Records using real world data. Prerequisites: Users should have a general understanding of ESRIís Desktop and Server technology.