2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Workshop Description and Biography

Leveraging Ohio Lidar Data

David Fagerman - Autodesk

30 years experience in dealing with Transportation issues with States, Counties and Cities. Currently Application Engineer for Autodesk; including experience in dealing with Ohio Lidar data.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 8:30 AM

ODOT has gathered Lidar data for the State of Ohio; the question many at the County and City level have had is “how can I use this data in live projects?” This workshop is designed to address this question. During this workshop you will see how you can:
  1. Deal with ˝ a billion points in real time panning and creating 3D GIS contour shapes
  2. Slope category shading of several million points to create an accurate slope map and using the smart slope data
  3. Using GIS based centerline and right of way information to create buffered surface data for usage with several hundred million points active
  4. Determining existing roadway superelevation rates using lidar data and GIS table information. Taking this data into Civil 3D as superelevation gradient lines displayed in the superelevation diagrams. This method is used to establish overlay sections automatically, considering the existing roadway conditions.
  5. Hazardous conditions locations, utilizing Lidar data
  6. Address methods for gathering ground-based Lidar data