2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract and Biography

Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture and GIS

Joe LaCombe, Woolpert

Mr. LaCombe has 10 years experience in the GIS industry. Joe has spent the last 6 years architecting and developing server-based GIS solutions using technologies such as ArcGIS Server, ArcObjects, .Net and Flex.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 9:10 AM - Track 1

Within a local government, regardless of the size, there are numerous systems and environments where information is stored throughout the enterprise - including the GIS. Integration between these systems has become essential as agencies become more digital and automated. GIS can play a critical part in this integration as a way to tie information together. This presentation will focus on how GIS, specifically ArcGIS Server, has been used to develop an advanced Service Oriented Architecture for integrating various systems resulting in a more efficient and effective enterprise.

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