2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract and Biography

Better Serve Your Community

Andrew Harrison, The Schneider Corporation

Andrew is a Certified GIS Professional that serves as the Business Development Manager for The Schneider Corporation. For over 20 years Andrew has been involved in the oversight and development of GIS projects for local government. Andrew is focused on building GIS that has strong corporation, communication and is in an organization that has the education to get the most out of their investment.
Andrew has provided leadership for over 100 GIS projects in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arkansas. Andrew also is an elected Board Member for the Indiana GIS Council and participates in numerous committees, as well as repeatedly being invited to speak at GIS conferences throughout the country.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 3:25 PM - Track 1

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for county/city employees to see through demonstration, statistics and user testimonials, how offering the public 24/7 web based access to a variety of property records and county GIS (Geographical Information Systems) through an online county portal can offer them significant benefits. By making information available on the internet, counter traffic is greatly reduced, while customer service between the County/Cities and their constituents is considerably improved. Offering this information online allows users to complete tasks on their own time rather than having to rearrange their schedule to coincide with courthouse hours of operation. No longer will employees have to spend large amounts of time face-to-face or on the phone addressing customer information requests, with this advancement they will gain the ability to focus their attention on other initiatives and projects that may have been neglected in the past. Please join us in discovering how utilizing the web to serve your community can help you save significant time, money and resources while generating a healthy Return on Investment for your organization. Topics to be discussed/Timeline of Events: Using the web to save time/money and generate Return on Investment Overview of Usage Statistics Testimonials Question and Answer Session.