2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract and Biography

There Is No Spoon

Brandon Brown, City of Dublin

Brandon has been heavily involved with GIS and public service for the past 16 years. He is in his seventh year as The City of Dublin’s GIS Administrator. Previous to joining the City, he was employed as a GIS Analyst/Programmer for Livingston County, Michigan and Lucas County, Ohio. Brandon holds a Master of Community Planning degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Ohio University.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 12:10 PM - During Lunch

Borrowing a line, and a line of thinking, from The Matrix, we will explore some of the confounding questions that arise when trying to model the real world as GIS data. Join us on this mind bending trip where we will explore some of the following… How did that driveway become a road? If a sign is moved, is it still the same sign? Did we really give that outhouse an address? Where did my stream go? So many land uses, so little land. Hand grenades and horseshoes. Does a place have a tree or a tree have a place? What is more real, what you measure or what you see? Basins, Masons & Jasons? …and more.

Presentation Powerpoint (75.7MB)