2009 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract and Biography

Real Estate Portal USA: A web mapping platform towards a national seamless parcel layer

Joseph Harwood, Real Estate Portal USA

Joe is a partner with Real Estate Portal USA as well as a partner with Geoplex Consulting LLC, both based out of Cleveland. For the past 9 years, Joe has been in both government and the private sector providing geo-spatial solutions and consulting. Since co-fouding Real Estate Portal USA, he has been key in parcel data acquistion, and database integration. As a Masters and Ph.D. student at Kent State University, Joe's research interests include remote sensing and GIS of meteorological phenomena.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 10:50 AM - Track 4

Real Estate Portal USA (http://reportallusa.com/) has built a free national web-based mapping site that serves specific markets such as real estate, GIS, lenders, insurance, and government. What began as a local site built to cross Ohio’s jurisdictions has grown to cover tens of millions of parcels in hundreds of U.S. counties. Our data architecture solves the problems associated with non-standardized parcel data between counties, regions and states. We import and derive many important attributes from different counties into a normalized database. Our platform presents any user the ability to search on a neighborhood to a national scale. Through our powerful query tool, we customize and present enriched, cleaned data suitable for multi-county, regional, state wide, or even national analysis. Data extraction in both ESRI Shapefile and Google KML, as well as Excel spreadsheets and PDF reports are all types of output available to users. Any search result links to a variety of fully integrated web-based mapping systems e.g. Google StreetView or MS Bing Mapping oblique view, are just a click away. Also, a click on a result will jump to a pre-queried county auditor's page for full parcel detail. Other county resources such as Recorder and GIS sites are direct linked where possible. Additional features such as environmental (Flood zones, Wetlands, & Soils) and demographic (Census blocks and groups) are just a few of the resources included in the mapping system.

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