2008 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract

How To Find Ohio Spatial Data For Your Applications. GIServOhio Data Download Applications and Web Services

Jennifer McFarland, GIS Specialist, and Larry Hellmer, GIS Programmer, GIS Support Center, Ohio DAS/Office of Information Technology

Friday, September 12, 2008 - 9:45 AM

Ever need data for a project and not know where to go and get it? Ever need to download something to use later, but you don’t have a user-friendly interface or means to download the data? Ever need data right now and not have the time to download it or install it on your machine? This is the session for you. In this informative session we will explore data being offered by the GIS Support Center. Data we offer can be downloaded for use later or can be consumed using your GIS Client without having to download anything.

Topics covered will include the following: Arc IMS Services (available for use in Arc GIS Clients) and how to add them to your Arc Map session. Services, such as a basemap service, OSIP imagery from both Northern and Southern Ohio, NAIP Imagery from 2004–2006, Location Based Response System Data (LBRS), weather radar, drgs, color infrared imagery, and more will all be available. We will also tell you where you can go to download those same data sources as well as others. We will also unveil our new Arc GIS Server data downloads pages in this session. This application makes downloading data from our sources so much easier. Users no longer need to know what quad or tile they want to download—they simply zoom and click. We will also discuss OGC methods for consuming data and the Metadata Explorer data search engine. Discussion will include who to contact if you wish to post data to the Metadata Explorer or need help finding datasets.

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