2008 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract

Using Google Earth as a Data Delivery Mechanism

Joe Merritt, GIS Manager, Clinton County GIS Department

Thursday, September 11, 2008 - 1:50 PM - Track 3

In 1997, Convergent Group, based in Englewood CO. was awarded a contract with the City of Indianapolis to re-build the city’s GIS initiatives. Joe accepted a position with CVG as a GIS Support Analyst. During his two years with CVG, he was part of an excellent team of professionals that took the city’s GIS user base from less than 100 to over 500. Shortly after a transfer to the city of Columbus, Joe took the position of GIS Manager for Clinton County, Ohio. Joe has recently completed a degree in Business Administration and continue to serve in Clinton County today.

There is a never ending quest that GIS Managers and users alike undergo; the quest for an easy means of getting people information that they want when they want it in a format that they can use. With the advent of ArcMap 9.3 and a number of other tools that are available at little to no cost, GIS users now have the means to convert main-stream GIS data into KML file format for use with applications such as Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer.