2008 Ohio GIS Conference
Presentation Abstract

Building an Enterprise Data Portal

Jon Downey, Senior Associate, Northeast Group Manager, Woolpert, Inc

Thursday, September 11, 2008 - 1:50 PM - Track 2

As demands for access to geospatial data continue to grow, data owners are more frequently challenged with meeting the rising demands of data consumers. Establishing an Enterprise Data Portal allows users to efficiently and effectively find, view, and retrieve data, fully leveraging your investment in GIS.

Many organizations already provide for web-based viewing and printing of their geospatial data. In fact, this is the very foundation necessary to establishing a robust Enterprise Data Portal. When combined with a serviceoriented architecture (SOA), we can not only provide visualization of data, but also empower internal and external business applications with geographic intelligence. Additionally, tools such as metadata, image, geocoding, and data analysis services provide next generation functionality to your organization and your user base.

Creating an Enterprise Data Portal by combining your web-based mapping interface with SOA, and metadata services, provides a virtual one-stop shop for geospatial data. This presentation will discuss work in this field citing specific examples of the technologies mentioned above and discussing how the implementation of these technologies can benefit your organization.

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